do i look like the face of mental illness?

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that was a question i posed to a group of psychology students as they rattled off words to describe the way they expected me to look like - spotty, lank greasy hair, terrible teeth, stooped over, dirty, uneducated, aggressive...they were shocked, ashamed and surprised by their own preconceived ideas of what someone with previous psychosis, anorexia and suicide attempts would actually look like.i was not at all surprised sadly as i've heard it all before. i've even been told that children have to be kept away from people with "those illnesses".stigma is dangerous, as is silence. hence why i speak out as i want everyone to know that you should and must never judge or have preconceived ideas about anyone with a mental illness as it just perpetuates the myths and stigma, which is damaging in society as a whole.i was very ill - in fact i was sectioned into an adult acute psychiatric unit at 16 years old to keep me alive. i was heavily sedated and medicated. intense therapy. i could not communicate. i lost all my social skills. i was a very lonely isolated young lady. my weight dropped to extreme levels and my body started to give up. i was at the mercy of the illness as well as psyc......

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