can a fast-fashion detox change our shopping habits?

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last year, i wrote about my year long ban on buying 'new' clothes. as it's fashion revolution week, i wanted to revisit my ethical clothing journey and how it inspired me to join the fashion revolution.back in 2016 i made the decision to stop buying new clothing for a whole year. i'd just joined the management team at leeds community clothes exchange and had been slowly becoming more aware of the questionable practices evident in the fashion industry and wanted to do something about it. a year and a half on, i've begrudgingly allowed myself back into the shops and wanted to share what i've learnt along the way.(h&m cardigan, m&s skirt & asos belt from lcce, h&m t-shirt from charity shop)so have i completely stopped buying new clothes?yes and no. throughout the year of not buying i realised that there will always be things you need which can't be sourced second hand, and that's okay. but everything you can do to be more mindful as a fashion consumer helps you to shop more sustainably and makes your wardrobe that little bit more ethical.since ending the challenge in december, i have allowed myself to fall off the wagon, and have bought four new 'essential' items - a pair of......

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