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"the love i feel for you is pure, like a drop of rain that's fallen from the sky, untouched, able to soak every inch of me with just one splash."we sat in the waiting room full of mums-to-be, tenderly holding their swollen bellies. my blood stained trousers hidden by my jumper tied around my waist. to our right, a young woman jumped in excitement at her baby's kicks, his little foot pushing through her skin. i couldn't help but look, tears welled in my eyes as i smiled through my own pain into her joy. to my left, a woman sat in silence, her face etched with the same ache i shared. i wanted to tell her she wasn't alone.we used to lie in bed at night bouncing names off each other. you were our little secret and we couldn't wait to share you. as we sat together in this sad but happy place, we looked up at the bright red and orange poppies painted in frames that hung from the wall. we knew there and then we would call you poppy, whether you lived or died. that would be your name.in the scan room, i lay down as my husband held my hand. and as the sonographer searched my womb for any sign of life, i searched my soul for every bit of strength. we watched her face for hope. i looke......

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