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the exam season is upon us! i remember how tough this period was as a student, and now teaching lots of my 'younger selves' has made me feel nostalgic. below i've listed my top seven tips on how to be smart with revision. 1. start in advanceok, i had to put this as the first top tip and i know every teacher constantly says "you should have started revising by now!" but they would only all say the same thing if it had some truth to it right? this isn't to say that you should start six months in advance. however, it is important that you use every stage in your education to develop good studying habits. this could be in the form of rewriting notes when you come back from school, or using half-term holidays to organise your notes. this will give you a head start when it comes to revision. if you are one of those students who hasn't started revising until now then perhaps this point is less relevant and you should look to the following points for more guidance. 2. pretty isn't everythingavoid spending hours making everything look neat, nice, colour coordinated and beautiful. colour can be a great way to revise due to the association your brain makes with a particular topic to a......

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