the white house can’t seem to perform simple arithmetic

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you would think that the trump administration, with so many émigrés from the business world, could at least perform simple arithmetic. judging by the president’s looney-tunes tax plan, you would be usual for president trump, he has offered few details. but the outlines of his proposal, released wednesday, are nothing short of hallucinatory. next door to the white house, in the treasury department, there are actual economists who take seriously the responsibility of safeguarding the world’s biggest national economy. they must be deeply embarrassed at now having to pretend that two plus two equals his desperate quest to do something yooge, trump proposes massive tax cuts for businesses and individuals, especially the wealthy. the impact, according to experts, would be to make federal budget deficits soar, adding as much as $4 trillion to the national debt over the next decade. i’ve never thought of myself as a deficit hawk, but this kind of profligacy is will recall that trump also wants to spend $1 trillion on upgrading our sagging infrastructure, which is a good idea; and he wants to vastly boost defense spending, which is a bad idea. meanwh......

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