we set a low bar for trump. he still failed to meet it.

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as we cross the finish line of president trump’s first 100 days, no leader in recent memory has benefited more from low expectations. a more typical president who tumbled from an approval rating in the high 60s to one in the low 40s would be in a political crisis. trump’s current performance is only a slight dip from his divisive norm. a president with pretensions of rhetorical coherence would be embarrassed by gaffes and mediocre speeches. for trump, gaffes and inarticulateness are part of the package. a president with high standards of integrity would be mortified by a brewing scandal that seems to involve smarmy aides and a foreign government. for trump, well, what would you expect?the president is particularly proud of the consequential elevation of neil m. gorsuch to the supreme court. but this action invites a comparison. trump’s one unquestioned achievement consists of appointing another man who actually has thoughtful convictions. much of trump’s 100-days defense could have been employed by the pharaoh who ruled after the one in the book of exodus. the cattle haven’t all died. we’ve seen less fiery hail. and pestilence has been kept to an acceptable minimum.ther......

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