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by — michael e. ruaneby — michael e. ruaneapril 29 at 3:57 pm2nd lt. eric craig egge, 22, of hopkins, minn., killed oct. 14, 1967, at a place that became known as “bastards bridge,” near con thien, in a bitter nighttime battle. he was one of 21 marines killed there that day.1st lt. charles yaghoobian jr., 23, of pawtucket, r.i., killed oct. 14, 1967, at the battle of “bastards bridge,” near con thien.2nd lt. larry dean bleeker, 24, of ames, iowa, killed by a sniper on oct. 26, 1967, near gio son. he had sent tape recordings home to his family. a christian, he had told his parents before he left for vietnam: “mom, dad, i want you to know . . . i’m ready to live [or] die . . . for the glory of jesus christ,” a local newspaper reported.2nd lt. leo richard schoff, 23, of west homestead, pa., killed nov. 1, 1967, near thon bai an a month after his arrival in vietnam. he was engaged to be married upon his return.2nd lt. morrell joseph crary, 24, of salem, ore., killed nov. 1, 1967, at thon bai an, a month after visiting home on leave. his wife, jeanne, had given birth to their daughter, shannon, five days before his death, and he had talked to her on the phone a......

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